“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi

Welcome! I am a yoga obsessed pet mom sharing my passion for yoga and plant based lifestyle. I am a certified yoga instructor. I believe that yoga is an effective tool to transform yourself not only on the mat but off the mat.

Yoga helps me grow as an individual and delivers as a source of self-love, self-confidence and inner peace. I came to yoga as a runner, trying to find a balance to my daily exercise routine. I fell in love with the practice discovering how it could guide me through the darkest moments of my life. I truly believe that yoga can help any person, no matter the age, size, gender or walk of life. It’s a powerful method to help you transform your life and live to your full potential.

Join me on this life changing journey, exploring the yoga lifestyle, inspiration, beauty and fashion and some tasty food.

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You may ask what is the purpose of this blog and who is it for?

Yoga is old and proven, Yoga is a smart system to help the student transform life. If you are looking to break out of negative patterns and introduce new patterns, then you came to the right place. Yoga reminds you of all the things you already know, but you forgot along the way.

Join me as we practice yoga to get rid of bad habits and start new ones to create a life we truly deserve and desire.


Are you:

  • Waking up upset about the day ahead of you
  • Feeling lost and looking for a purpose in life
  • Finding yourself rushing through daily life
  • Looking for more meaning in life
  • Feeling stressed
  • Feeling sluggish and tired
  • Feeling like your body is stiff and achy
  • Feeling out of shape

Here are some of the benefits I found after I started practicing yoga:

  • Felling less stressed
  • Sleeping better and having no problems falling asleep
  • Have more energy
  • Open minded and welcoming change
  • Feeling more energized and healthy
  • Sense of contentment
  • Feeling less anxiety and sadness
  • Increase focus
  • Gain more flexibility and increase your body’s range of motion

If you are looking to change your life and needed a place to provide you with some great tips, valuable information and real life examples, than my blog is for you.

This is meant to be a positive place for people to find information and inspiration. This is a place where we encourage each other, learn and grow.

I am not a professional dietician, I only share the things that worked for me and the foods that I like. I hope you will find this  a place of love and compassion and you join me and others on your personal growth journey. Welcome!


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