30 Days Declutter Challenge – My Makeup Collection

Hope you had a beautiful week. Today I wanted to share my declutter progress. I had been thinking a lot about the beauty products I had been using for a while now.

I started researching the ingredients lists of some of my favorite lotions, lipsticks, eyeshadows and must admit that once you start down the rabbit hole you discover how damaging some of the ingredients really are. In the US  the federal government sets a rather high threshold as to what is consider harmful. The threshold to proof that a chemical is harmful is very high before it’s pulled from the market. (https://ensia.com/features/banned-in-europe-safe-in-the-u-s/)

In the EU the governments play a more protective roles, so chemicals deemed suspected of being dangerous are removed as a precaution. Such a different approach has a huge impact on the quality of products that are allowed to be sold in the US and the EU. This is not only applicable for the beauty industry, but also food production.

As a yoga practitioner I am trying to follow the yams and niyamas. The first Yama is that of Ahimsa or the path of least harm. Which lead me to believe that my beauty products shouldn’t cause harm to others. As I started to research my products I realized how many were tested on animals and how many didn’t have vegan ingredients. Now some may say why do I even need makeup. That’ the easiest way to avoid all the chemicals. That’s probably true, but let’s be honest, I have been wearing makeup for many, many years. It’s a habit that had been part of my daily girly routine, it’s what I consider part of my self-care routine and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Therefore, I wanted to make a change and I wanted to be a more educated consumer. What were the products I was using doing to the environment? How can I contribute to companies that are actually trying to change the industry?

I uncovered that it was rather difficult to find product lines that offered 100% vegan products. There are some that advertise as vegan, but not all products in their lines are vegan. So, to start on my journey I decided to go with merchandise that wasn’t tested on animals.

To help me identify which companies I could trust, I am using the Peta app “Free Bunny” that I downloaded to my iPhone. When I come across a product or a company I would like to try I just search in the app, you can even scan a product code. I’d say about 80% of all companies are listed. I was sad to discover that many of the products I loved and used were tested on animals.

So, I slowly started to replace the lipsticks, eyeshadows, face wash, etc. with items produced by organizations that weren’t testing.

I am by no means perfect. I would still consider myself vegetarian in that perspective. But I am trying my best and I find myself more aware of what products I reach for.

I will create a separate post about the cleansers I decided to introduce to my daily routine. Today, I wanted to share some of the progress I made with my makeup collection.

To start it wasn’t a large collection, but I held on to many lippies that I just didn’t use anymore.

Here is what my storage looked like before.

I decided to go with the following criteria:

-Items that I had for a while, but didn’t use anymore

-Items from companies I knew tested on animals

-Items I had for a while and were expired

I cleared out probably 70-80% of my lipsticks. And it felt very liberating. There was really no reason for me to hold on to things that I no longer used and no longer served me.


Most of the products I kept are not tested on animals. I am not sure about NARS, so I would appreciate any feedback or recommendation for dupes. I am still new to this, so any advice is welcome. 🙂 I am also looking for a really nice lightweight foundation, please drop your comments below.

All the containers are same that I used before. I had the clear acrylic container that I scored at HomeGoods a year or two ago. I also used a vintage tray that I bought on Etsy earlier this year. It’s a little funny to see all this room on my shelf and empty spots for lipsticks. But it definitely feels great. 🙂

As I will be testing more and more vegan and/or products not tested on animals I decided that I will share some of my favorites in an upcoming beauty series. I think that we can make this a better experience if we speak about the products that we chose over the “traditional” things we can buy in department stores. I hope you will share your favorites with me as well. I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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