Creating Your Zen Space

I think it’s important that we have a little space carved up just for us. A space where we can be at peace, meditate, journal or just sit in silence with our thoughts.

Some of us have an entire room where that space is possible, others have to dedicate a little nook or corner of a room for that sanctuary. In my opinion the size of the space doesn’t matter. What matters is that you surround yourself with things that inspire you, make you happy and invite peace.

I am one of the people who only has a little space in a corner dedicated to my quiet time. I specifically looked for an area of our apartment that’s away from foot traffic, uninterrupted from pets playing, chasing each other, people walking back and forth from room to room.

I moved my little altar a few times until the energy felt right. I like having all the plants around me and enjoy a space where I can close the door and focus a few minutes on some self care. I start each day with 20 minutes meditation. This is a non-negotiable and if you want anything productive out of me, I need this time set aside. This is my oasis.

I am still tinkering on this, adding and removing things as time goes on. I am looking for a sound bowl, but for now my space is perfect the way it is.

I do have to add a disclaimer: I am not a Buddhist, although some of the teachings connect with me. Buddhism and Yoga are not one and the same. I know many yoga studios display some statues of Buddha. I personally don’t have an issue with that. I think that many people find solace and peace seeing a Buddha statue. I think if it brings you a peace of mind, use it. Just be aware that the teachings, while similar in some areas, are not identical and are not the same. I just want to share this with you in case there is some confusion or questions in the future.

When I first started creating my little altar ( and it was a slow journey, it took me some time to create something that I connected with) one of my teachers gave me a few pieces of advice. First, add all the elements that you truly love and second your zen space should include elements of water, fire, air and earth. The Buddha statue is actually a little fountain, so it has multiple uses. It definitely helps me make the space more special. Plants and rocks are my earth elements, candles are for fire and the incense and water sound complete the set up as an air (space/ether) element.


Now, let me know, do you have your sanctuary? What are your must haves?

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