Another week has started and many of us can have a hard time facing yet another Monday. Mondays can be stressful as we return to our weekly routines at work or school. By the end of the week many of us are exhausted from the week’s activity, not only physically, but also mentally. We have a short fuse with people around us and don’t spend enough time with the things that really matter.

We are busy with appearances and not with what really tickles our hearts, what ignites our passions and brings us contentment. We are busy with being busy, filling our calendars with meetings, appointments and to do lists that we must complete. We are overwhelmed with emails and activities. Sometimes it seems to me that we wear the word “busy” as a badge of honor. Even weekends are packed with activities and the word “relax” seems dull and boring. I can totally related to this, because I was there before. I thought that a day without a packed schedule was wasted and I measured my happiness and my self-worth in the work I did and my level of business. But this didn’t provide me with the satisfaction I yearned for. It didn’t give me the personal growth I was looking for in my life. I realize that all that being busy was just that, being busy. It didn’t provide deep contentment or happiness. And it definitely didn’t create a positive impact in lives.

I was glued to my phone or laptop, finding myself checking emails and social media while working on other projects. Even when I was “relaxing” I was still multi-tasking. I needed all this to change. I needed to find that meaning and I wanted to transform myself as a person. If all of this sounds familiar to you, then this blog will really resonate with you. I want to share mindfulness tips with you that I have learned through my journey. I hope that by practicing these your weeks will get better and your days will be fuller.

  1. Turn your TV off. Live happens outside of TV, connect with people. Catch up with your family and friends.
  2. Spend time in nature. Take a walk outside, use the public parks to spend some time in nature. Nature doesn’t judge how you look, what you do for work or how much money you make. Get fresh air, it’s good for your lungs and it’s good for your soul.
  3. Spend some quiet time. Sit down in a quiet place, turn off distractions, like phone or TV. Focus on your breath. Try five minutes first and extend that time, longer and longer. After a while you will notice that you look forward to this silent time.
  4. Eat at your dining table. If you dine with your family it will help you connect with them. It will also make you slow down and focus on your food.
  5. Pause through the day and bring your focus on your breath. Is it shallow or deep? Are you breathing quickly or slowly? Do you breath through your nose or your mouth? Stopping to focus on your breath will make you calmer and more aware of your surroundings and the people around you.

Hope you found these tips useful. Start introducing small changes to your day, they will have a huge impact to your stress level. You will slowly begin to notice how people around you react to the shifts in your daily routines and how your body will react to the reduction in stress levels.

Are you looking to improve on your stress levels? What are some of the simple tweaks in your daily life that have had an impact on your day and wellbeing? Let me know what you think or just say hello in the comment section!



Photo by Second Avenue

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